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Sex and the City 2

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Tuesday 13 April 2010 7:31 pm



The sequel is here.  Rest assured, there are a lot of grins widening nationwide.  “Long awaited” is an understatement for some; this should cause quite a stir. 


Abu Dhabi?  Quite the twist…


I see Aidan’s reappeared…hmmm…..
….and is that Penelope?    Trod carefully Mr. Big ;]

Strap yourself in for a helluva ride! This should, at the very least, be a brow raising, mouth-gaping (*cue Samantha’s wild antics/quips, she never disappoints) good time!


Here’s a sneak peak:



Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Sunday 11 April 2010 7:10 am


Harsh much?

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Sunday 11 April 2010 7:04 am


Yesterday, as I sat with a newly minted friend, we began exchanging ideas.  The topic happened to shift to expectations in a relationship (familial, etc.).  Well…..needless to say, my response may not have been what my associate expected.


While, in theory, it is wonderful to be known as the gracious person who always lends a listening ear – after a while, that can become a bit burdensome .  More than a bit, actually. 


In my family I am known as the one that actively assists in finding a solution to any given problematic scenario which may arise.  Read:  Do not approach me if you are merely in search of someone to listen to rattle on incessantly about your woes.  Ouch, a bit harsh…no?  While I understand the importance of remaining compassionate, I firmly keep several things in mind.


After years of listening to the problems of others without having the ability to effectively clear your mind, a backup occurs.  Many moons ago I would be the compassionate ear others sought while remaining objective enough, not allowing their problems to permeate my psyche.  So I thought.  What I discovered was that if the problems are deemed troubling enough, there are a few that slip past that guard that you have up.  Such a thought can begin to muddle things and adversely effect your well-being. 


Thus, I made a decision several years back.  I explained to everyone that unless they were coming to me for a solution, they may as well speak to someone else regarding said issue(s).  Harsh?  Perhaps.  


 It took everyone a while to swallow, but guess what?  It worked.  Now I am approached by people who are aware that I care about them immensely and want them to overcome what is taking place in their lives by actively working towards a solution instead of dwelling on the issue (and in some cases, wallowing in self-pity). 


Get up.  Get out.  Do Something!  *cue Macy Gray*

Be a woman of your word

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Friday 9 April 2010 5:38 am



I awoke this morning, several minutes ago in fact, with these words reverbrating through my mind.

Throughout life, I’ve always prided myself on being honest and forthright. 


I’ve always done what I’ve said and said what I’ve done.  I’ve noticed, however, that I’ve become a tad forgetful in my older years.  Consequently, I’ve found that I’ve needed ticklers/reminders from time to time regarding things that I should do without a second thought.  Instead of bringing age center stage (because, honestly, I’ve still very young) I believe I need to step back and assess my mental sluggishness.  Perhaps I’m not remembering because I don’t wish to remember?  Because I’ve prioritized certain things above  others and told myself that I’d get to it soon.  Consequently, little by little, I’m becoming that person.  I sincerely do not want to be that person.  I am going to reassess my personal development journey.  Essentially, this is a significant part of me, a part that I wish to remain untarnished.


As such, I’ll be incorporating a “Personal Development” segment on Skinny Bish.

Expect the…unexpected?

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Thursday 8 April 2010 1:49 am


This has to be one of the most brilliant videos I’ve watched in a while. Brilliant concept.


Looooved the ending. *chuckles knowingly*


<Totally worth lowering the volume on the Skinny Bish Pod….*nods furiously* yep, it’s that good>


Get Out
AbsolutelyLoved this!. - Good stuff.

Fab & Futuristic — Haider Ackermann

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Sunday 4 April 2010 12:33 am



Ooooouch!  Haider Ackermann’s Fall 2010 collection is beyond amazing.


Unable to find the right words to aptly describe it, I’ll skip the small talk and get to the goods:




















The Victoria Beckham Collection

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Sunday 28 March 2010 10:08 am



Skinny Bish Alert.


Have you seen Victoria Beckham’s collection?


No?  You really ought to take a peek! 


Fabulous does not describe her pieces!  Tailored for the Skinny Bish’s body, I’d say that her entire collection belongs in my wardrobe!!          OMG *silently salivates*










Well done, Victoria. Well done.





FAB Skinny Bish: Liya Kebede

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Sunday 28 March 2010 8:35 am



Absolutely breathtaking.  An apt description of Liya Kebede.


Take a moment to look at her latest spread in Vogue, a vision to behold.





Get to know Gabby

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Friday 26 March 2010 7:14 am




A breath of fresh air.  I’d say that’s a pretty fair assessment of my thoughts regarding Gabrielle Union.


Having seen a few of her movies, I’ve always been impressed by the range of the roles she has undertaken.  She has always struck me as someone who has put quite a bit of work into staying grounded and positive, unperturbed by the media. 


Last night I came across an interview she’d done with Jimmy Kimmel and I literally laughed out loud several times.  Not only is her timing impeccable, she has a wicked sense of humor!  Who knew? 


Stay up, Gabs.  :]

Fiscally Fab

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Monday 22 March 2010 6:02 am


Internal backflips are some kind of wonderful!  On a whim, I checked my FICO scores earlier this morning and discovered that one score has jumped from 680 to 712.  I’m so filled with gratitude, I know that 800 isn’t far away!!  I’ll have to update the Fiscally Fab portion sometime this week or perhaps even this morning! 


I also came across an article of interest on yahoo several days back and intended to post but couldn’t find the time (primarily because I’ve been so busy trying to knock off my 101 in 1001 goals, they’ve become a priority for 2010). 


A synthesized version of the article can be found below; find the full one here.


5 New Rules for a Healthy Credit Score


The rules that credit-card companies have to live by changed dramatically with the enactment of new regulations last month. Now, some of the rules for consumers striving to maintain good credit are changing, too.

For the most part, card holders would still do well to pay on time, keep their balances low and refrain from applying for too many credit cards at once. But some of the old tenets may not always hold up, as credit-card companies continue to adapt to the new environment and look for ways to run their for-profit businesses.

Case in point: Many issuers introduced annual or inactivity fees in the weeks leading to or immediately after the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act went into effect. “Now folks have to decide — do they want this card badly enough to pay the fee, or do they close it,” says Barry Paperno, the consumer operations manager at FICO (FICO). It’s a question of more than just losing a credit line. Closing a credit card can have a big impact on one’s credit score. That is, unless you do some groundwork in advance.


With the help of some easy — if often counterintuitive — steps, you can improve and retain a healthy credit score even in today’s fast-changing credit environment. Here are five:

  • Open More Credit Cards
  • Max Out (Some of) Your Credit Cards
  • Don’t Ask for a Lower APR
  • Closed a Card? Don’t Pay It Off
  • Mix Business and Personal



I’m aware that these steps are not only counter-intuitive but, alarmingly, appear to be downright brutal.  I encourage you to read the entire article before forming an opinion.


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